Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Do Fake Abortion Papers Look Like How To Make A Fake Abortion Paper?

How to make a fake abortion paper? - what do fake abortion papers look like

Hey to be done in the 16 years young and very stupid that I said to my friend X who was pregnant and I did not want the baby but I know Didt what to do, so I told him I had an abortion on what subjects you understand abortion in an attempt to see how a study will be seen on abortion see, know and said. Somebody help me plz plz i correct


mυм2GaвriεLiηђєaνєη& preg wit #2 said...

Hey Dal. Tomorw At the age of 17 years and 25 weeks.

I suggest you tell the truth. These provisions clearly in the wrong number. We are pregnant and our babies love a lot.

Not to be rude to you.
but read what you wrote. Some ladies here who havent become pregnant after how much time to a beautiful design baby.And never lie about these issues. I suggest you go to another section and ask. Since we do not get much response here.

Tell him what happened or to others elsewhere ..
God bless xx

LiveYaLi... said...

No abortion paper, do not get! You should not have lied to him now feels this great loss, as you killed her son and all selfish to care for their needs. Amazing.

Isabeu O (Finally a mummy!) said...

Perhaps you can help think about these stupid decisions in the future.

No help from me.
The desire for attention seems to be the real problem here.

XXX said...

You need to confess. Seriously need to tell the truth, and I do not think that you are doing wrong, a study on abortion.

chloe's mommy said...

You should avoid false things like Hun ... Just tell the truth.

By the way, is to accept your username, that as soon as possible.

odzooker... said...

Never heard of 'records on abortion. " It is full of it.

Elizabeth's Mommy said...

Please tell the truth, you will live with the guilt for the rest of his life.

-that guy- said...

just tell him the truth

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